How TLX Works

Thermal insulation

TLX Silver is a radiant barrier. The reflective surfaces on the outside and inner layers of TLX Silver are very effective at both reflecting infra-red radiation back into the house, and also in preventing the house from radiating energy out into the environment. Similarly in summer, TLX Silver prevents overheating by limiting the amount of solar radiation that gets into the house.

The wadding layers inside TLX Silver prevent conduction through the material by trapping air between the fibres. The inner films are spaced to prevent convection currents from forming within the body of TLX Silver.

TLX Silver reduces heat loss via all three means of heat transfer – radiation, conduction and convection.

Vapour control

TLX Silver is a vapour barrier. When installed on the warm side of a roof or wall structure it prevents water vapour from the house penetrating into the roof or wall where it might find a cold surface on which to condense.


TLX Silver is airtight, and by wrapping around a roof or wall, including junctions with other parts of the building such as windows or doors, it makes the whole building envelope more airtight. This reduces unpleasant cold draughts, and prevents the escape of warm air from the house.

Thermal bridging

TLX Silver fits across timber members such as rafters or wall studs, acting as a thermal brake to limit heat flow through the timber.

Made in Britain