Insulating Your Roof

If you’re refurbishing a roof or delivering on a new build project, your roof insulation choice won’t be far from your mind.

TLX Gold is a combined breathable insulation and roofing underlay in a single layer. It removes the guesswork from your installation and is easy to install. Simply leave on the old insulation, lay TLX Gold across rafters and staple into place and you have a watertight solution that’s guaranteed for three months, installed in one day without any risk of condensation.

No more condensation worries or challenging U-value calculations – TLX Gold is the trouble-free, easy to use all-in-one roofing membrane and insulation solution for all roofing applications:

Room in roof

TLX Gold can be used in new build loft conversions or installed retrospectively where an existing room already exists in a loft and a roof is to be refurbished. In an existing loft, TLX Gold can be installed without needing access to loft space.

Room in roof options

Vaulted ceiling

TLX Gold can be used for new build vaulted ceilings, in property extensions or in property renovations such as barn conversions. The product enables a building to be weather tight quickly and effectively.

Vaulted ceiling options

Boarded roof

TLX Gold can be laid directly over sarking boards, draped over a 50mm counterbatten, providing an insulation upgrade and breathable roofing membrane in one fix.

Boarded roof options

New build & extensions

Newly built houses must meet the energy targets set by SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) process to calculate the carbon emissions of the whole house.

Extensions are required to conform to current Part L requirements of 0.18 W/m²K (0.15 W/m²K for Wales), unless there is glazing that is more than 25% of the floor area, in which case a SAP assessment is carried out.

TLX Gold helps to meet the required U-values when used in conjuction with other insulation such as mineral fibre or rigid board. It is particularly effective at reducing air leakage by sealing across the rafters.

It does not require counterbattening but can simply be draped over the rafters and tile battens fitted as for a normal breather membrane.

New build & extensions options

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