TLX Insulation Ltd. has been setting standards of excellence in high performance breathable membranes and building insulation for nearly 25 years. We’ve now used our knowledge and expertise to create TLX Batsafe - the bat friendly breather membrane, approved by LABC.

TLX BATSAFE has passed the Bat Conservation Trust modified pilling tests.

(Method for evaluating the snagging propensity of roofing membranes in buildings by roosting bats, Building Research and Information, 2020, 48(4), DOI:10.1080/09613218.2020.1763773.) 

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Bats are a protected species and play an important role in the ecosystem. Until now when bats are found, only Bitumen 1F felt has been used. This has come at considerable cost to the thermal performance of the roof because 1F felt requires extra rafter space if insulation is used; in old buildings this is often not possible.

Properties with an uninsulated 1F felt roof can release up to 10 tonnes of CO2 per year. Replacing 1F felt with a breathable membrane and additional insulation between the rafters can improve thermal performance by up to 87% and reduce CO2 emissions by 57%. These factors have a large impact on global warming and climate change. TLX Batsafe is designed with a bat mesh protection system on both sides of the membrane. Unlike 1F felt, TLX Batsafe is breathable, lightweight, high strength and easy to handle. TLX BatSafe can be used when there is evidence of bats found in low impact areas, and should not be used where there are large colonies of bats present.If you are interested in stocking TLX Batsafe, or would like to locate your nearest stockist, please contact us on - 01204 695666 /


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