WUFI Calculations

TLX Insulation provide WUFI® Pro which is the standard program for evaluating moisture conditions in building envelopes.  WUFI® Pro performs one-dimensional hygrothermal calculations on building component cross-sections, taking into account built-in moisture, driving rain, solar radiation, long-wave radiation, capillary transport, and summer condensation. Other programs and traditional methods, like the Glaser-Method, do not consider these effects and work solely on the basis of vapour diffusion. WUFI® Pro determines the hygrothermal performance of building components under real climate conditions. This type of comprehensive dynamic hygrothermal analysis is needed for accurate design and is required, for example, by EN 15026  “Hygrothermal performance of building components and building elements. Assessment of moisture transfer by numerical simulation”
Is the building you are designing or retrofitting:

  • Traditionally built or a protected structure?
  • To feature a solid wall or unventilated roof buildup?
  • Tall or in an area of strong winds?
  • Damp or considered problematic?
  • To be fitted with internal wall insulation?
  • To be made very airtight and highly insulated?

If you are concerned about interstitial condensation, mold or rot then you should consider evaluating the risks with WUFI® Pro.