1st July 2011

TLX Silver and TLX Gold – Environmental Statement

TLX Silver and TLX Gold are both manufactured in UK at Web Dynamics’ factory in Blackrod, near Bolton, Lancashire. The majority of components are sourced locally wherever possible.

The major constituent of both products is polyester wadding. Up to half of the material used is recycled polyester from drinks bottles. It is not technically possible to increase the recycled content above 50%. TLX products are designed to last for the lifetime of the roof or wall in which they are installed. At the end of life, the majority of the component parts can be separated and recycled.

TLX Silver and TLX Gold do not contain any ozone depleting substances, and neither are such substances used in the manufacture of TLX or its components. TLX Silver and TLX Gold therefore have zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and global warming potential (GWP).

John Payne

Technical Manager,

Web Dynamics Ltd.