It’s Gold standard roof insulation for this Victorian property reroof

It’s Gold standard roof insulation for this Victorian property reroof


Insulating breather membrane used in Victorian house

This beautifully constructed Victorian detached house in Hertfordshire is typical of its historical landscape. But as much as its exterior nods to the architectural nostalgia of its age, internally it told a different story and was in desperate need of TLC.

The current owners wanted to create additional room in the existing loft, but they were faced with one major issue, head height was extremely limited. To overcome this, the decision was taken to reroof and raise the roof to create more space. However, due to structural limitations, they still grappled with the trade-off between optimal head height and the depth of PIR board insulation within the roof space to meet current building regulations.

Our 2-in-1 insulating breathable membrane, TLX Gold, was the obvious tlx gold insulating breather membrane solution to overcome the space saving problem, since it works in conjunction with PIR as a hybrid system to achieve building regulations without needing to compromise on space. With TLX Gold pulled taut and counter-battened over the top of the 200mm rafters and 80mm of Kingspan in-between them, this achieved a u value of 0.21w/m2k.An unventilated air gap was maintained between the shiny, breathable underside of TLX Gold and the PIR board allowing for TLX Gold to reflect heat back, in order to maximise the thermal efficiency of the structure. The optimum depth of the unventilated air layer is 20mm, although 10mm is acceptable if there are significant space saving concerns.

If PIR alone was used as roof insulation, it would prove extremely difficult to achieve airtightness. Furthermore, additional PIR board would be necessary to achieve the same u value. So not only does TLX Gold represent an excellent space saving solution, it also constitutes a substantial thermal energy saving. In the present day, this is an invaluable solution.

As for the original lath and plaster walls, the best solution was to use TLX Gold as a single layer. TLX Gold can be used in walls, especiallyInsulating breather membrane reroof u value in Listed buildings, or where breathability is essential. But most importantly, the cladding must not let light through as all breather membranes can deteriorate when exposed to UV. TLX Gold can be applied directly to the outer face of the stud in place of the usual breather membrane. Used in this way, TLX Gold ensured a u value of 0.66w/m2k was achieved within the wall structure.

As the site work commenced, the builders found scissors to be the best tool to cut TLX Gold to its required length. We recommend the Kretzer Finny scissors due to their high performance and sturdy construction which cuts through TLX Gold with ease and accuracy.

Conclusively, TLX Gold was used successfully to tackle retrofitting problems within the roof and walls, providing a comprehensive space and energy saving solution. To find out more as to how TLX Gold can help to solve a variety of retrofitting problems, you can see the case studies section of our website.

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