Gilding a medieval gem

Gilding a medieval gem

The narrow width and presence of some half-timbered houses lend Droitwich High Street a historic character. As with many struggling high streets nowadays, there are unoccupied shops, such as the brightly painted yet decaying number 31. Although this building had Listed status, this had been on the assumption that it was a 19th century structure, when it operated as an inn.

tlx gold used in a tudor house renovationBut what made number 31 different was the interior, where there was a magnificent trussed roof with scalloped timber braces. Further investigation of the structure showed that it dated from 1402, being part of a larger mediaeval hall. Behind the rendered exterior it was largely intact, with some of the ancient joinery features still preserved.

Although the original frontage had been extended outwards, there was enough evidence in the form of mortice holes and shadow lines to detect what the original structure would have been, and Nick Joyce Architects were able to recreate the original jettied façade with appropriate historic features, as well as restoring the interior.

But the High Street needs to be kept alive, and shoppers expect to go into warm buildings. But the question was how to insulate this medieval gem without compromising the features?

 tlx gold used in tudor project renovation

The answer was to use the TLX Gold boarded roof solution, with a thin layer of PIR over the board overlying the rafters. The Insulating breather membrane installed on a boarded roofproduct can be draped over a 50mm x 50mm counter batten, with the tile battens fitted straight over, and because it occupies the coldest part of the temperature profile and is so breathable, there is no risk of interstitial condensation, even without a vapour barrier.

The problem: re roofing a historic boarded roof, but at the same time making things warmer for the occupants.

The solution: TLX Gold, the breathable multifoil solution that can be used on boarded roofs by draping over a 50mm deep counter batten. 

  • Integral high quality breather membrane
  • Fully breathable – 0.5 MNs/g
  • U-value of 0.69 W/m2K when used by itself
  • No risk of interstitial condensation, even without a vapour barrier
  • No increase in roof height required

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