Old follows new in Halifax

Old follows new in Halifax

Renewable energy?

The owners of this old house in Halifax wanted to combine traditional roofing with up-to-date methods, retaining character whilst upgrading the energy-efficiency. Local firm Ploughcroft undertook the reroofing using Westmorland slate, and installed a hybrid solar system with battery storage at the same time.

tlx gold used in conjunction with solar panelsShallow rafters always present a challenge

The rafters were, however, only 75mm deep, with lath and plaster ceilings below (which intruded into the rafter space), and the roof could not be raised. Although one option would have been to use 40mm PIR, without a vapour barrier in the ceilings this posed a risk of interstitial condensation. So Ploughcroft recommended using TLX Gold.  Draped into the rafter space, it makes use of the unventilated air gap beneath the shiny yet fully breathable underside. Heat is reflected back, contributing to the thermal performance and saving 82% of the heat energy previously being lost.

“We have tried other products but found them too bulky where space is limited. TLX Gold is the easiest to install - the teams prefer it to alternative products as it is easy to use and lays faster than the others”.

 So where does the Gold fit in?

tlx gold used in conjunction with solar panels on eco project

There’s more to TLX Gold than just its thermal performance. It has ultrasonically welded seams so it doesn’t fall apart when cut, and the membrane lap all down the long edge sticks down to an integral adhesive tape – no need to lap double thicknesses. When installing it draped, the tile battens can go straight over since the product compresses to only 3mm – so no bulky layers beneath making the battens wobble. Because it is so breathable and because it occupies the coldest part of the temperature profile, this means that there is no risk of interstitial condensation, making it particularly suitable for situations where a vapour barrier cannot be introduced.

The problem:

How to insulate and reroof a house with only 75mm deep rafters and existing ceilings.

The solution:

TLX Gold, the 2-in-1 insulating breather membrane, provides a thermal upgrade in limited rafter depth without condensation risk.

  • Does not need a counter batten if used draped between the rafters
  • No condensation risk, even without a vapour barrier
  • BBA Certificate  - a guarantee of performance
  • U value build ups  - many available on the website and custom ones by request

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