Timeless on the outside, modern on the inside

Timeless on the outside, modern on the inside

tlx gold used in a historic property renovationA little pocket of history

Romney Marsh is a distinctive flat landscape where time seems to have stood still; sheep have grazed on the Marsh for centuries, and the villages have a wealth of traditional buildings. The Tenterden Roofing Co. had the challenge of reroofing one such Listed building with a catslide roof, irregular rafters and lime plaster ceilings below. As historic building specialists they know the best way to achieve a result that is both in keeping with the character of the building yet provides functional benefit, and this meant that their roofing membrane of choice was TLX Gold.

Tricky rafters

The rafters were quite irregular in areas, and so no room for conventional board insulation. TLX Gold was draped into the rafter space with a slight sag, to allow any water getting through the tiles to run down to the gutter. When installed this way, the tile battens can go straight over, and since TLX Gold compresses down to 3mm, the height and appearance of the roof is not altered at all. By having a 2-in-1 insulating breather membrane that has the insulation at the coldest point, the spaces beneath are kept warm enough so that a dewpoint does not occur – so no interstitial condensation risk.

TLX Gold was also used on some vertical elevations, providing a waterproof and insulating layer underneath the tile cladding.

Re roofing made easytlx gold used in a historic property renovation

TLX Gold provides a simple and effective way to improve the insulation, just being rolled out over the rafters. The 150mm membrane lap down the long edge marries up with an integral adhesive tape on the next roll down, making for ease of fitting and ensuring continuity of the insulation layer. The shiny gold underside is able to reflect heat, yet is fully breathable, preventing condensation from forming underneath by both allowing water vapour to rapidly escape whilst ensuring that a dewpoint does not occur underneath.

Even before the tiles were replaced, the client commented how much better the internal environment was, and was impressed with the ease of use and effectiveness of TLX Gold

The problem: how to improve the thermal performance of a period property - but without raising the roof and with the minimum of installation effort.

The solution: TLX Gold, the 2-in-1 insulating breather membrane with a BBA Certificate – no need to raise the roof and no condensation risk.

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