Re roofing to the Gold standard

Re roofing to the Gold standard

A premier property commands premier products

tlx gold used as part of £1m hotel refurb

When it came to re roofing what has been described as one of the most luxurious hotels in Britain, it goes without saying that the materials and workmanship had to be the best. So it’s appropriate that TLX Gold was chosen for the roofing membrane and that the contractor was Premier Roofing Kent.

It was a sizeable job!

The job meant re slating the main building - a mansion modelled after a French chateau – and also a new extension, as part of a £1m refurbishment. Some 3000 natural slates were used on the roof area of the extension alone, so this was a sizeable roofing project!

Ceilings without vapour barriers?

TLX Gold is particularly useful where there are existing ceilings without vapour barriers, as it occupies the coldest part of the temperature profile, keeping the air beneath sufficiently warm to prevent a dewpoint occurring yet at the same time being extremely breathable - so there is no risk of interstitial condensation.

tlx gold re roofs £1m luxury hotel refurbInsulating breather membrane counter battenedPlenty of room for insulation

In the extension the rafter depth was 200 mm, offering plenty of room to accommodate the TLX Gold and the 110mm PIR required to reach 0.18 W/m2K (for rafters @ 600mm centres).

Even though it would have been possible to use TLX Gold draped between the rafters with the tile battens straight over, the preference in this case was to use it taut and counter battened - view the solution here

Condensation risk fully managed

The shiny gold underside reflects heat back into the room, yet is fully breathable, allowing any water vapour getting though the insulation and plasterboard layers below to pass out rapidly before it has chance to condense.

Result: a roof in keeping with the hotel’s status as the very best.

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