Multifoil insulation delivers on convenience and thermal performance

Multifoil insulation delivers on convenience and thermal performance

Help - my property is leaking heat!

Like so many couples buying their first home, Gary and Tracey had overreached themselves financially, and when they realised that their Victorian cottage was simply leaking heat - not only through lack of insulation but also because of draughts, especially in their attic bedroom - they were at a loss as to how to best tackle the problem.

The roof was in good condition, having been re-slated about 20 years ago and fitted with a breather membrane over the 75mm deep rafters, but with no rafter-level insulation. The loft had been converted into a bedroom many years ago and was of generous proportions, with a high ceiling.

Lack of insulation space was a problem

A DIY friend suggested that they try and feed PIR board down from the loft void, but apart from the fact that there was insufficient space to feed down a length of board at the right angle, there would have been air gaps between and around the boards, and the material cost was still beyond their budget.

A Multifoil can solve insulation space issues

TLX Silver insulating vapour barrier multifoil used in a loft conversionThey decided to use multifoil insulation to insulate the ceiling internally, by first fitting a 25mm deep batten in line with the rafters directly under the plasterboard. The TLX Silver was then fitted directly to the underside, then secured with a 38mm x 38mm batten set crosswise. The TLX Silver compresses to 2mm between the battens and so the total loss of headroom was 65mm plus the plasterboard.

Having this insulation reduces the heat loss by 80%, but additionally the airtightness conferred by the TLX Silver made a huge difference to comfort levels – so much so that their next planned improvement is to use TLX Silver in the walls in the same sort of way, offering a similar energy saving when sandwiched between two 25mm deep battens.

The problem: how to insulate an attic bedroom with no insulation without removing the plasterboard?

The solution: TLX Silver – sandwiched between battens to achieve airtightness and thermal comfort

  • 2 x 25mm deep battens for walls, 25mm and 38mm for sloping ceiling
  • BBA Certificate  - a guarantee of performance

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