From Education to Accommodation

From Education to Accommodation


From School, to College, to Apartments

The former Morley School in Leeds was built in 1870 and served the community first as a school, then as an FE college which subsequently became part of Leeds City College. When this part of the college closed, the solid stone building was offered for redevelopment and now houses 28 apartments.

tlx gold insulating breather membrane install morley schoolWorking with shallow rafter depthsTLX Gold used with PIR under rafter solution

With rafters that were only 75mm deep it was decided that the best solution was to drape TLX Gold into the rafter space and run 50mm of PIR below rafters, preserving sufficient headroom and not leading to problems with internal detailing. This achieved a U-value of 0.26 W/m²K.

It might be argued that another 25mm of PIR could be accommodated, at the bottom of the rafters (given that TLX Gold plus a minimum unventilated heat-reflecting air gap requires 50mm). However, a good rule of thumb is that where there are two thicknesses of PIR adjacent, the thicker one should always be on the colder side in order to avoid condensation at the interface between them. Also, the unventilated space between the low emissivity underside of the TLX Gold and the PIR reflects heat and contributes to the thermal performance.

Refurb of  Morley School roof using TLX Gold

The problem:

Finding the best way to insulate a Victorian roof with 75mm rafters to achieve a satisfactory U-value without compromising headroom.

The solution:

TLX Gold: the insulating breather membrane with a low emissivity surface that makes use of unventilated air spaces in a limited rafter depth to contribute to the thermal value.



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