A Gold Performance at the Victoria Theatre

A Gold Performance at the Victoria Theatre

The Problem: How to insulate a boarded roof that is also curved?

Insulating breather membrane used to reroof Halifax theatreHalifax’s Victoria Theatre was opened in 1901 and is situated at the junction of two roads, with a curved frontage and a section of curved roof above it. Over the years it has seen some great acts – the Beatles, the Jackson 5, Status Quo, Morrissey and Ian Brown - and in recent years Calderdale Council has invested in a series of improvements. The recent re-roofing project provided an opportunity to upgrade the insulation at the same time.

After all, given the price of tickets today audiences expect to keep warm! However, insulating a boarded roof is problematic, and one that is curved even more so.

The contractors wanted to use a product that could not only cope with the curved roof but had a guarantee of performance, and in choosing an insulating breather membrane they were confident they had an insulating breather membrane that did exactly that. Its BBA Certificate means that its specification is based on multiple tests to the appropriate European standards, and that the manufacturer is audited to ensure consistency of production.

Tlx gold pulled taut over boarded roofThe standard TLX Gold boarded roof solution is to fit a 50mm counter batten, then drape TLX Gold over it into the space created. Because of the curvature of the roof, however, the TLX Gold was used taut and sandwiched between two counter battens instead.

The Solution: TLX Gold – the gold standard performance you’d expect from a BBA certified product!

  • No condensation risk
  • Integral breather membrane
  • Wind uplift performance suitable for all wind zones
  • Flexible enough to cover curves

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