Newhall: A new lease of life

Newhall: A new lease of life

The Problem: How to improve the thermal performance of a 17th century stone building to make it fit for modern office accommodation yet without raising the roof.

The Grade 2 listed Newhall was constructed of rugged Pennine gritstone in 1672, and clearly built to last. Formerly the manor hall of a country estate, the last 340 years has seen it engulfed by urban Bradford. Even the various excrescences that were added during its tenure as a golf clubhouse could not detract from the fine detailing of the building, which retains its roof finials, and mullion and transom windows.

tlx gold insulating breather membrane boarded roofEmpty for several years, it was classified as 'at risk' until the purchase of the house and surrounding land by a commercial developer. This has given it a new lease of life, as the house will become the focus of the newly created Newhall Business Park, providing accommodation for the company’s headquarters. In consultation with English Heritage, the Leeds-based architects have designed a sympathetic conversion to modern office accommodation, and chose to use an insulating breather membrane for the re-roofing.

An important internal feature was to be the fully exposed rafters, with a view of the white-painted boarding over them providing a contrast. But with the roof unable to be raised by more than a few centimetres, this meant that introducing insulation was problematic. However, by fitting 50mm deep counter-battens over the boarding it was possible to drape TLX Gold over them, fitting the tile battens and the original stone tiles over without further counter-battening.

The result is a period building that appears unchanged externally, but internally provides the comfort that 21st century office workers expect. Newhall has a new lease of life – with a little help from TLX Gold to provide waterproofing, breathability and thermal performance.

The Solution: TLX Gold insulating breather membrane with a BBA Certificate, was the ideal choice to match these requirements. And because it is fully breathable - not only the top quality breather membrane upper layer but the shiny underside also - there is no risk of condensation.

  • Can be used on a boarded roofInsulating breather membrane as a single layer
  • No increase in roof height required
  • Provides a U-value of 0.69 W/m2K when used by itself

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