Wheear 'ast tha' bin?

Wheear 'ast tha' bin?

The Challenge:

How to re-roof with minimal disturbance without raising the roof and upgrade the thermal performance at the same time?

Ilkley is situated on the edge of the Pennine moors in Wharfedale, and was a popular Spa town in the early 20th century. A legacy of this is the number of Gothic revival features, such as turrets and crenellations, possessed by some houses in the old part of the town.

insulating breather membrane used with 50mm PIR U=0.33Well appointed and with period features

One such impressive family home in the area – very well appointed yet retaining period features – needed its roof bringing up to standard since it had leaking chimneys, lead flashings and slipping slates with the nails failing. Though it's wonderfully situated right next to windswept Ilkley Moor, there was a danger that the house might end up a bit battered!

No change in roof height?

Being in the Spa sector Conservation area, and especially having turrets, meant there could be no change in roof height. However, since the client was living in the property the challenge was to insulate and re-roof without affecting the ceilings with minimal disturbance – TLX Gold’s ease of fitting meant that the roof could be watertight as soon as it was laid across.


Not an overly generous rafter depth

Given a rafter depth of 100mm and using TLX Gold draped into the rafter space – occupying the top 50mm (including the air gapInsulating breather membrane draped with 50mm PIR across where heat is reflected back) 50mm of PIR can be fitted, giving a U value of 0.33 W/m2K.

With the contractor providing a 10 year trust mark guarantee, using a BBA certified product made absolute sense.

The solution

TLX Gold, the fully breathable insulating breather membrane with a BBA Certificate, provides a thermal upgrade in limited rafter depth without condensation risk.

  • No increase in roof height required
  • Can be fitted into rafters > 50mm deep with no additional effort
  • Provides a U-value of 0.33 W/m2K when used with 50mm PIR

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