TLX Gold: The choice for junctions?

TLX Gold: The choice for junctions?

The challenge:

How to re roof in limited rafter depth without counter battening, yet upgrade the thermal performance at the same time?

Lincoln Station was opened in 1848 and serves as a hub for the East Midlands, with railway lines serving Peterborough, Doncaster, Nottingham and Grimsby crossing at the junctions here. It has Tudor features, such as a castellated tower, mullion windows and tall chimney stacks, so when Network Rail embarked on major improvements which included reroofing and insulating the different roof types in the station complex, raising the roof was not an option - which ruled out any underlay requiring counter battening.

tlx gold used when reroofing lincoln stationVery shallow rafters...

TLX Gold was chosen because some roofs had very shallow rafters, and draping TLX Gold into them was the only way to introduce rafter-level insulation. In other parts vaulted ceilings were planned below.

TLX Gold was fitted exactly as a conventional breather membrane, with a sag between the rafters, which not only allows any water getting through the slates to run down to the gutter, but contributes to the ventilated space under them.

And what about thermal junctions? 

Reflective insulation tlx gold draped with 50mm pir gives U=0.33isn’t designed to wrap directly around components that are thermal bridges, such as steels, since it works by reflecting radiated heat back across air gaps created adjacent. TLX Gold benefits by contributing to airtightness, and reducing the thermal bridging over the rafters, especially when used draped with tile battens fitted straight over.

The solution

TLX Gold, the fully breathable insulating breather membrane with a BBA Certificate, provides a thermal upgrade in limited rafter depth without condensation risk.


  • No increase in roof height required
  • Can be fitted into rafters > 50mm deep with no additional effort
  • Provides a U-value of 0.33 W/m2K when used with 50mm PIR

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