TLX Silver - the TV Star!

TLX Silver - the TV Star!

A showcase for eco technology

Admittedly it was only a supporting role... but we were proud to see TLX Silver used for the insulation in a green-tech project that featured in George Clarke’s Channel 4 Restoration Man series in February. Pencader School in Carmarthenshire was a derelict Victorian schoolhouse purchased by Ian and Jayne Hall-Edwards with the dream of turning it into a showcase and training centre for green technologies. The ambitious project was featured in the first series, when the priority was to make a habitable dwelling for the owners, who run their own building firm PECS Ltd - so renovating the structure with efficient, high-specification materials was top of the list.

Working from the inside

Multifoil insulation was chosen to use below the rafters, installed with a 20mm unventilated air gap either side of the low emissivity outer TLX Silver multifoil used in an eco restoration projectsurfaces. This makes use of the fact that air is a good insulator, the gap is too narrow to allow heat transmission by convection, and the shiny surfaces reflect back radiated heat. And what could be greener than air! TLX Silver is also a vapour control layer - so a separate one is not required, and it remedies the deficiencies of other insulation fitted between the rafters since, being fitted as a continuous layer, it is airtight and does not allow heat to escape via the inevitable gaps in rigid insulation.

Were the eco goals acheived?

tlx silver multifoil used in eco projectLast month the programme revisited the project to see if their goals had been reached. Finally completed with the aid of a £67K grant, the site now houses a centre of excellence for sustainable materials and eco build which will soon be open to visitors.

At the Eco Centre the whole gamut of green technologies can be seen: PV and thermal solar panels, biomass, heat pumps, wood burning stoves, gasification boilers, green roofs, rain water harvesting systems bio-digester tanks, under floor heating and more – and modestly out of sight in the roof but keeping the owners warm: TLX Silver.

The Problem: How to improve thermal performance by insulating in an efficient and ecofriendly way?

The Solution: TLX Silver:

  • Makes use of air gaps – the ultimate green (and free!) insulating material
  • Recycled polyester core
  • A vapour barrier (µ > 300000)
  • BBA Certificate

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