Insulating a prestigious holiday resort

Insulating a prestigious holiday resort

Perfect for Golf

Celtic Manor Resort is set in 2000 acres of picturesque parkland in the Usk Valley – hard to believe this is only 5 minutes from the Severn Bridge! It offers various types of accommodation and a plethora of activities for guests, from luxurious spa treatments to family-friendly outdoor activities, spectacular fly fishing, not to mention a golf course that has hosted the Ryder Cup.

The potential for lots of vapour needed managing

The three Hunter Lodges are timber lodges with four bedrooms, each with ensuite bathrooms, plus a 1st floor sauna. So, given the potential for creating high vapour pressures inside the accommodation, it was especially important to follow the modern design concept of having a vapour control layer preventing moisture outgress into the insulation layer and ensuring that there was no risk of condensation.

Enter multifoil insulation

TLX Silver is particularly suitable for this purpose, for it is a vapour control layer with a vapour resistance of 1200 MNs/g and BBA certified as such. With ultrasonically welded seams there are no tags penetrating through the layers to allow water vapour into the rafter space.

Mineral Wool + TLX Silver = U=0.18 W/m2Ktlx silver multifoil used in luxury holiday resort

Because the designers had adopted a Fabric First approach and designed with sufficiently deep rafters, it was possible to use mineral wool insulation rather than more expensive PIR board. A typical U=0.18 W/m2K solution is to use TLX Silver under 160mm mineral wool in 185mm deep rafters at 400mm centres. It is secured with a 38mm deep cross-batten, which both minimises thermal bridging and creates an air gap that is also a useful service cavity.

Cool in summer too

And in summer, if the guests want somewhere to cool off from all their energetic activities, the lodge interior won’t be overheated. The same low emissivity, shiny surface of TLX Silver that reflects heat back across the adjacent air gap when it’s warmer within, also prevents solar heat being radiated into the interior when it’s hotter outside.

The Problem: How to provide a cost-effective solution that meets U-value targets and at the same time acts as a vapour control layer and to reduce solar gain.

The SolutionTLX Silver not only reflects heat back into the house but also prevents water vapour from migrating into the rafter space. It minimises solar heat gain when it’s hot outside, and mineral wool solutions become realistic in terms of depth.

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