TLX Silver - Growing a Warm Reputation

TLX Silver - Growing a Warm Reputation

An Unusual(ish) application?

We were interested to hear of an unusual application for multifoil insulation – the creation of an Orchid room! We’re not talking of the tough creatures that Supermarkets sell these days, but the exotic blooms of the tropics, which require constant year-round temperatures and light levels. Although these rooms are common in the US - where more severe climatic conditions and apartment dwelling preclude the use of greenhouses, they are quite unusual in the UK.

A two-in-one job

Although reflective sheeting is usually used, the house owner in this example realised that by using reflective insulation, he could do two jobs at once! Being an Edwardian property, the house had a brick-built cellar with good ventilation to create the buoyant atmosphere demanded by these divas of the plant world, a thermostatically-controlled electric fan was also used to boost this and provide additional heat as required.

U=0.28 W/m2K

multifoil used in walls building regsTo insulate the walls a standard 0.28 W/m2K build up was used – 65mm studs filled with 40mm PIR board, TLX Silver secured with a 38mm batten - but the plasterboard was omitted! The highly reflective surface of TLX Silver meant that not only heat, but also light was available for the plants to grow.

A high humidity environment did the trick...

This meant that the plants grew evenly without distorting towards the light source; this consisted of mercury vapour lamps which created the optimal light spectrum for plant growth and provided heat input too. Since TLX Silver is an efficient vapour barrier, this meant that even with a high humidity environment water vapour did not migrate into the cold brick walls and cause problems.

The Problem: How to insulate a cellar to provide a warm, bright and humid yet well-ventilated home for tropical orchids.TLX Silver used in a basement orchid room

The Solution: TLX Silver, which reflects heat - and in this case, light too.

  • Can be used with PIR board or mineral wool to provide solutions that meet the requirements of Building Regulations
  • Vapour barrier
  • Low emissivity surface reflects heat
  • Used with 38mm batten creates optimum unventilated air gaps that contribute to the thermal performance

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