TLX Gold: Unseen in all the right places

TLX Gold: Unseen in all the right places

A prestigious postcode

Belgrave Square is one of London’s most prestigious addresses. Built in the 1820s by Thomas Cubitt, it is one of the city’s grandest andTLX gold used to re roof property in London's prestigious Belgravia largest 19th century squares and home to many foreign embassies and billionaires. Although the owners of Belgravia residences are unlikely to have to worry about energy bills, insulation does add to overall comfort within; in addition landlords are now thinking ahead to the consequences of legislation that will require their properties to have energy performance ratings of E or above.

Compliance with EPC requirements

So when re roofing needs to be carried out, it provides an ideal opportunity to introduce insulation to comply with EPC requirements. The roof of this property had close-boarded timbers over the rafters to provide structural support, and insulating between the rafters was not an option. TLX Gold insulating breather membrane offered the ideal solution here.

Side-stepping the conventional breather membrane

Insulating breather membrane used on a boarded roofUsed instead of a conventional breather membrane and with no additional installation effort, it was installed draped over 50mm deep counterbattens fitted over the boarding. This 50mm depth is sufficient to accommodate both the usual breather membrane sag, the product thickness, plus an air gap which enables radiant heat to be reflected back into the building, improving the U-value from the 3.6 W/m2K of an uninsulated roof to 0.69 W/m2K.

Only the best would do

With these properties valued in the tens of millions, only the best materials are good enough! Since TLX Gold insulating breather membrane is fully breathable – from the top quality breather membrane upper surface through to the unperforated shiny gold underside - there is no condensation risk. The rigorous testing required for product certification ensures that where quality is the prime consideration the choice has got to be TLX Gold insulating breather membrane.

The Problem: How to provide insulation over a boarded roof and without creating a condensation risk.

The Solution: TLX Gold: Used by itself draped over 50mm counterbattens and installed with no extra effort than for a conventional breather membrane.

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