From Primitive to Sophisticated: A Church roof is brought into the modern age

From Primitive to Sophisticated: A Church roof is brought into the modern age

Reinventing a historic building for the modern age

insulating breather membrane used to re roof 18th century churchIn the nineteenth century East Yorkshire saw a proliferation of Non-conformist churches being built. Around Hull this became something of a battle between the Wesleyans and the Primitive Methodists as to who could build more churches and schools to serve the poor rural communities. Times change – and now twenty-first century Holderness is an affluent area, and the disused churches that were at the heart of communities must find another role as residential dwellings.

Built in 1898

One such conversion project is a former Primitive Methodist church built in 1898. The yellow brick construction with red brick detailing does not have the stark simplicity of many Primitive Methodist churches, being of a Gothic style. The apparently vaguely Italianate tower is a puzzle until you realise the original slate spire is no longer there - becoming a risk to the road adjacent it has since been dismantled.


The requirement was to achieve a U-Value of 0.18 W/m2K

The former schoolroom forms the ‘transept’ part of the building; no longer being exempt from Part L for being a place of worship however, there was now a requirement for the roof to achieve a U-Value of 0.18 W/m2K.

Projecting as it does into the North Sea, low-lying Holderness sees ‘a lot of weather’: droughts in summer and flooding in winter - and fierce North Sea gales. The roofing underlay chosen has to be robust enough to cope, and the high-tensile UV25 membrane that forms the upper surface of TLX Gold makes it suitable for any Wind Zone. Add to that its breathability and intelligent humidity response, TLX Gold forms the ideal choice for a variable climate.

tlx gold insulating breather membrane pulled taut with 75mm PIR

How was it done?

TLX Gold was used taut and counterbattened over the 110mm deep rafters. This rafter depth allowed 75mm PIR board to be fitted between the rafters, leaving a 15mm unventilated air gap between it and the shiny Gold undersurface; TLX Gold will then reflect the radiated heat back into the building. The addition of 35mm of PIR underneath brought the U-value to the required 0.18 W/m2K.

The Problem: How to achieve 21st century thermal performance in a 19th century church conversion?


The Solution: TLX Gold

  • No condensation risk with a U = 0.18 W/m2K buildup
  • Integral breather membrane
  • Wind uplift performance suitable for all wind zones

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