Bringing warmth back to schools

Bringing warmth back to schools

A school with famous neighbours?

Anfield Road School in Liverpool was built in 1885, only one year after its illustrious neighbour just down the road – Anfield Football stadium, home of Liverpool FC. Situated in an area of social deprivation, it is a large school of around 600 pupils, combining both infants and juniors. Built in the Domestic Revival style, it has characteristic features such as dormers, steeply pitched roofs and tall chimneys – including an imposing ventilation spire - all of which make life difficult when it comes to upgrading the roof to a modern insulated structure.

TLX Gold insulating breather membrane was used to reroof anfield schoolRe roofing meant upgrading the thermal performance too

The re roofing of the school provided an opportunity to upgrade the thermal performance at the same time. Internally the high vaulted ceilings made access from underneath impossible, and so no vapour barrier could be introduced. The steep skeiling sections needed to be insulated as well as possible, but the loft voids over the flat ceilings had existing glass wool on the floor.

A condensation risk was avoided

This meant that any additional insulation over the loft voids should not pose an unacceptable condensation risk. Since TLX Gold is fully breathable, and moreover actually responds to changing humidity conditions by increasing breathability the more humid it gets, it offered the ideal solution. The 70mm x 70mm rafters over the skeilings were insulated with TLX Gold used taut and counterbattened, and combined with 40mm of PIR board, giving a U-value of 0.42 W/m2K (taking into account the relatively high timber bridging factor).

Contributing to a comfortable learning environment

The TLX Gold was continued up to the ridge, and insulation on the loft floor was improved. An additional benefit of the low emissivity TLX Gold insulating breather membrane, boarded roofbreathable undersurface is that the amount of heat being radiated into the attic void in summer is greatly reduced – especially useful with classrooms directly beneath and having only windows for ventilation. Getting the insulation right helps contribute towards a comfortable learning environment.

The Problem: How to both re roof and insulate during the school holidays.

The Solution: TLX Gold: installed with no more effort than for a conventional breather membrane, yet provides breathable insulation at the same time.

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