Fryern Court: a one-size-fits-all insulation solution

Fryern Court: a one-size-fits-all insulation solution

Grade 2 listed? No problem

The Grade 2 listed Fryern Court in Fordingbridge, Hampshire, originated as an early 16th century friary. In 1927 it was purchased by the famous portrait painter Augustus John, whose bohemian lifestyle, numerous lovers and children with different mothers would have horrified the original occupants. Architecturally the building is diverse, with additions each century, the last being commissioned by John in 1932.

Vary rafter depths and sizes was the challenge!

This meant that there were roof structures of various construction: the older part being timber-framed with a tile roof, the 19th century TLX Gold draped across rafters with no additional insulationpart of Welsh slate, plus hips, chimneys, dormers and bellcotes. In June 2011 there was a catastrophic fire which destroyed most of the roof. The re-roofing required did at least offer the opportunity to add insulation, but the hotch-potch of different roof structures meant that this was highly problematic. Clearly it was desirable to insulate, but what insulation could be used throughout to achieve the minimum U-value of 0.7 W/m2K?

The Problem: How to insulate the roof given the different rafter depths and spacings, the juxtaposition of old and new timbers, the complex roof profiles and the curved windbraces. And a breathable solution was essential. How could there possibly be a one-size-fits-all solution to achieve this?

The Solution: TLX Gold, the breathable Multifoil solution that satisfied all these requirements because of its unique attributes:tlx gold used in a grade 2 listed property

  • Provides a U-value of 0.69 W/m2K when used by itself
  • No increase in roof height required
  • No vapour barrier required
  • Easy to install in curves and complex valleys with different rafter depths and spacings
  • Insulating breather membrane no additional roofing underlay required

TLX Gold – the versatile breathable solution for all difficult insulation problems.

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