TLX Gold – Passing all the tests in schools

TLX Gold – Passing all the tests in schools

70% of the UK's Schools were built prior to thermal regulations

Of the 25,000 primary and secondary schools in England and Wales more than 70% were built before the introduction of thermal regulations in the 1970’s, so any improvement work must conform to current standards of thermal efficiency. However, schools present particular problems in roof refurbishment. Time - there are often stringent time constraints, since most school re-roofs have to be undertaken in school holidays, with insulation installed and the reroofing completed within a few weeks.

The work needed to be cost effective

Cost - there is often a large area of works, and a cost-effective approach to energy efficiency is essential. However, the cheapest product does not necessarily provide the lowest cost solution. For instance, a large proportion of school buildings have suspended ceilings, where the simple option of introducing loft insulation onto the ceiling tiles is not possible because of the problems it causes with access to the roof space as well as potential weight issues.

Saving time reduced costs

TLX Gold combines a breather membrane with an insulating layer in a single product. It is rolled out above the rafters boosting the thermal performance of the roof structure because of its high core R-value and low emissivity outer layer, which can reduce radiant heat loss by over 80%. It is ideal for many school roof refurbishments, because it saves time and cost whilst at the same time maximising thermal efficiency without any condensation risk.

Three projects which needed different approachesTLX Gold solution used in a school draped over rafter

  • A school in Cornwall had considered the conventional option of installing a vapour barrier to the warm side of the roof structure, with PIR board cut to fit in between the rafters
  • A project involving the roof refurbishment of several schools in Derbyshire had the absolute requirement that the improvements be completed during the summer holidays, as they could not afford any disruption during term-time
  • A London school project featured suspended ceilings that limited the weight of insulation that could be added onto the ceiling tiles, precluding the use of mineral fibre insulation

Their respective solutions

  • The use of TLX Gold provided the lowest cost option for the work involved. A vapour barrier and between-rafter insulation board was not required, as a single layer of TLX Gold – combining an integral breathable membrane and low-emissivity insulating layer - was able to improve the U-value from 3.68W/m2K to 0.69W/m2K - an 82% increase in the thermal efficiency of the roof. With the reduction in installation time, labour costs for the project were significantly reduced
  • Installing TLX Gold over the rafters enabled the improvements to be fully completed within this limited time span, with the associated reduction in man-hours for project completion
  • TLX Gold avoided this problem completely, as it could simply be draped over the top of the rafters and held in place with a tiling batten fitted directly above it, and had the added benefit of maintaining easy access to the services running through the void above the ceiling tiles

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