Social Housing - Bradford Refurb

Social Housing - Bradford Refurb

Upgrading the insulation of existing housing stock

The Evelyn Avenue project required the re-roofing of a row of terraced houses, all of which had rooms in the roof. This was part of an on-going program for Bradford Council to re-roof much of its existing social housing stock and upgrade the insulation.

The Problem:

Since the houses were occupied, all works needed to be carried out from the outside. It was also important that, along with improvements to insulation, there should be no loss of internal space. The roof line could not be changed. Another restriction with this project was the depth of the rafters which were only 75mm and gave little scope to introduce insulation between them. Coupled with this, the existing ceiling finish through the sloping roof sections was lath and plaster. Since the plaster penetrated back through the laths by up to 20mm, this further reduced the available space within the rafter to introduce insulation.

TLX Gold used on Bradford refurb social housingYou can't always use as much insulation as you'd like...

TLX Gold on its own gave a much improved U-value of 0.69 W/m2.K. This provided an improvement in the region of 82% over an old roof which had been largely uninsulated. Although this thermal transmittance fell outside of the U-value requirement of 0.18W/m2.K as per Approved Document Part L1b, it was accepted by Building Control as being compliant with regulation due to being both technically and economically the best option.  

So no disruption to the occupants then?

Due to the speed and ease of fitting  TLX Gold, there was minimal disruption to the occupants. The thermal performance of the roof was significantly improved without having to raise the oof height.

The Solution:

Using TLX Gold insulating breather membrane for a social housing refurb

The solution to all of these problems was a single layer of TLX Gold

installed across the top of the rafters. First, the roofs were stripped back to expose the rafters. TLX Gold insulating breather membrane was then draped across the top of the rafters providing a waterproof layer and insulation in a single step. Applying the insulating breather membrane in this manner allowed the tiling battens to be installed directly over the top of the membrane. As a result there was no change of roof height.


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