Room In Roof

The Original roof   THE ORIGINAL ROOF

TLX Gold delivers an insulation upgrade and can be installed without the need to access the loft space.

Ideal for:

  • Loft conversion
  • Retrospective insulation as part of roof refurbishment

Download the pdfs for full details (based on 400mm centres).

Single layer of TLX Gold draped   NO CHANGE IN ROOF HEIGHT

75mm rafter solution:

TLX Gold Draped Single Layer

100mm rafter solutions:

TLX Gold Draped 50mm PIR
TLX Gold Draped 50mm Glass Wool

Case study:

Council Housing - Stevenage Homes

Social Housing - Bolton at Home
Semi-Detached House Manchester

TLX Gold counterbattened   SMALL CHANGE IN ROOF HEIGHT
less than 50mm

75mm rafter solution:

TLX Gold Counterbattened 50mm

100mm rafter solution:

TLX Gold Counterbattened 75mm PIR

Case study:

Ankers & Rawlings Poole

TLX Gold counter battened   LARGER CHANGE IN ROOF HEIGHT
greater than 50mm

Contact us for a bespoke 0.18 solution.

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